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Seville, 15th century. The Church goes through one of the darkest times of its history. God chooses to come down to earth precisely at this moment, while pyres burn all over Spain. He meets theGreat Inquisitor, who denies the evidence of the miracle and immediately decides to keep him away from the people by locking him in a sordid cell. After sunset, the old man visits Him in an attempt to explain, with rage and despair, what led him to this severe and cruel decision. Both the silence and loving gaze of this God, sitting in front of him, will drive him into a corner, up to revealing Him the great secret of the Roman Church...The poem that Dostoevsky offers is a magisterial tale that portrays the great questions of mankind  in the face of freedom, faith, God, power, evil and love. The prophetic voice of the Great Inquisitor seems to be coming out from the depths of times to reach out to us and reveal the secrets of the human heart.

With :  Vincent Bouyé, Angela Vargas, Ludovika Pardo

Direction : Vincent Bouyé

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