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Accordailles - Alexis Morel
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Frere et soeur - Alexis Morel
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Sous le seuil - Alexis Morel
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A village where everything seems immutable, where time seems to have stopped and where everyone is left to play their own role. And then, there is Maroussia, the most beautiful girl. And also, the arrival of a stranger. A virgin. A vampire. Despite their differences, they will love each other. Of that love, which carries off everything in its path, and bends beings and things under its law. Of this love stronger than anything. A thousand times stronger than death. This is the theme of this musical tragedy: this of the victory of love over everything. This of kisses that taste so much like bites ... And bites that taste so much like kisses ... "It is not the words that are out of any measure, it is the feelings: feelings that deny all notion of measurement." Mr. Tsvetaieva.

With: Nicolas Cartier, Sébastien Chabert, Florent Cheippe, Eloise Labaume, Charlotte Testu, Marilia Loiola de Menezes et Anne Rauturier

Direction: Vincent Bouyé

Set designer : Julien Massé

Musical Creation : Alexis Morel

Lighting : Clara Fontanel et Karen Ouik

Costumes : Guillaume Favroux

Dance : Karen Twidle


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